Celery or Parsley on Rotisserie Chicken Julie Childs Explains What Kind of Bird to Roast

how to roast a chicken
Learn how to identify the perfect roasting chicken, then learn how to roast it!

Honesty, I didnt know there were so many different types of chickens.  I thought there were mainly two types.  A fryer and a roaster….   I love how this woman ties up a chicken with twine.  I love the idea of putting bacon on the front of the bird.  Great idea!!

and my comment on YT, of course:

oh, i like the idea of celery leaves, now that she mentioned it. Even though it wasnt the french thing to do.  haha.  loved this video.  I dont see myself doing all of this, but some of it I can definitely sink my hands and teeth into.


Lumberjack Breakfast with decent protein and low carbs

lumberjack breakfast
Lumberjack breakfast is like this guy hitting the target

I have a new friend in the cooking community on youtube and one of his recipes is just top notch. He calls it breakfast on a shingle instead of the normal SoS.

Since his moniker infers some sort of lumberjack sorcery, I am going to call this nifty little recipe a lumberjack breakfast. And, since he only uses one piece of toast, I’m going to call it low carbs, also, since he has a nice big egg on top, I’m giving it some protein in the title.

check out this short little video which includes a nice combo of herbs and a perfectly good excuse to include extra mushrooms in your diet. :)

Vegetable Beef Burgers from AHA Cookbook

lowfat burgers
Low Fat Low Cholesterol Vegetable Beef Burgers from AHA Cookbook

I was browsing my cookbook from the American Heart Association. My book is  like the same as this book available on Amazon.com. I got my 4th edition Low Fat – Low Cholesterol cookbook from my local Goodwill for $2.50 and a lot of browsing :).

According to the American Heart Association Cookbook’s Vegetable-Beef Burgers recipe:

If you thought your lowfat diet meant never eating another hamburger, think again.  This recipe is low in fat and will be high on your list of favorites

I made these burgers and I shared most of the process so you can see them.  I would like to point out that I was surprised that my 17 year old son said they were delicious.  He’s the one who is always saying “why do you always make weird stuff to eat” (such as brat burgers lol)

**Nutrition info:
Calories: 240
Protein: 22 grams
Carb: 25 grams
Total Fat: 5 grams (sat 2 grams, poly 1 gram, mono 2 grams)
Cholesterol: 49 mg
Sodium: 278 mg
**(as prepared with lettuce, tomato, mustard, and on a whole wheat bun)